Lighting calculations, photobiological testing, and project supervision

Lighting Design

Illuminating an outdoor space or indoor area requires lighting calculations to be performed by a specialized lighting engineering company that provides specification, consultation, guidance, and control of engineering solutions.

Lighting Solution Specification

At Magal-Or Lighting Engineering, we characterize the client’s needs and then tailor the optimal lighting solution, providing a comprehensive response in terms of cost-benefit ratio, design, and compliance with various standards.

As part of the specification process, a lighting calculation report is prepared, presenting the client with a realistic estimate of the level of illumination to be achieved after project completion.

Project Supervision

Magal-Or’s lighting engineering experts accompany the lighting project from start to finish, conducting an assessment of the lighting infrastructure necessary for the project. Additionally, close supervision is provided to the client’s installers to enable professional, high-quality installation of the specified lighting fixtures to achieve the required illumination level.

Energy Efficiency Control

Magal-Or’s engineers conduct lighting and electricity consumption calculations for existing lighting fixtures at the client’s site using advanced systems. A comparison is then made between the current state and the state expected after implementing an energy optimization project and transitioning to energy-saving LED lighting. At the end of the process, the client receives an accurate comparison table detailing the electricity and maintenance cost savings resulting from the energy optimization process.

Light Pollution

A common byproduct of outdoor lighting is “light pollution,” caused by inappropriate and wasteful lighting. Light pollution leads to phenomena such as glare and unnecessary area illumination. Approximately 30% of the energy expended on lighting large cities is wasted and contributes to light pollution. In addition to energy waste, light pollution has ecological impacts such as disrupting natural vegetation growth and bird migration patterns.

Magal-Or’s lighting engineering planning experts will design a tailored plan for each client, ensuring appropriate lighting that meets area illumination requirements according to existing rules and regulations, without excesses.

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Examples of projects completed by Magal-Or Lighting Engineering

Illumination from poles at a height of 30 meters

Illumination of pools using various asymmetrical side and overhead lights

Illumination of challenging terrain for cyclists

Replacement of floodlighting in a basketball court

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