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Photobiological spectrum tests

The rapid adoption of LED lighting and its applications may cause various safety issues. An excess of radiation can lead to eye and skin diseases. These are addressed by the Standard 62471 for the photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems, which assesses the radiation hazards from all types of lamps or light sources across a broad spectrum and others. It covers LED bulbs as well as incandescent, fluorescent, gas discharge, arc lamps, and others.
In this standard, the product is classified into the following groups:
– Exempt Risk Group 0 (no risk)
– Risk Group 1 (low risk)
– Risk Group 2 (medium risk)
– Risk Group 3 (high risk)

Megdal-Or Company has the capability to test the photobiological spectrum of the company’s products using specially purchased software and optical mechanisms to prevent the supply of a product emitting harmful radiation. This service is standard, provided free of charge, and is performed on every shipment received from the company’s lighting suppliers.
The photobiological testing system provides an extensive report on the radiation level of each tested product, thanks to which we provide our customers with quality and healthy products.

Project management

Project management in lighting involves planning, controlling, and executing the final client’s programs, with a project defined as a time-limited endeavor to create a service and product that deliver the required outcome. The goal of project management is to successfully complete the project on the required schedule while meeting planning objectives with the required quality.

At Megdal-Or Lighting Engineering, every effort is made to provide efficient solutions tailored to the needs of the client and the organization. We operate with uncompromising professional commitment, alongside the adoption of advanced technologies and innovative thinking. Megdal-Or Lighting Engineering specializes in all stages of project support, including planning, execution support, process control, and completion.

The planning stage is the most crucial in the project. Successful planning leads to a greater likelihood of meeting project objectives, client satisfaction, adherence to schedules, maintenance of quality, and more. This stage begins with the client’s approach to our company, continues with product characterization, lighting calculation, and ends towards the project’s completion. At Megdal-Or Lighting Engineering, careful attention is given to complete the necessary planning thoroughly (skipping this stage will lead to actual execution failure).






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